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Adam Wood is an author, speaker and walking tour guide specialising in historic true crime and policing.

​He is the author of Swanson: The Life and Times of a Victorian Detective, a detailed biography of the detective who was in charge of the investigation into the Jack the Ripper murders from Scotland Yard, and Murder on the Brighton Express, an examination of the notorious 1881 railway murder of Frederick Gold by Percy Lefroy Mapleton on the London to Brighton train. He is also co-author with Police historian Neil Bell of Sir Howard Vincent’s Police Code, 1889, and Edgar's Guides, a series of historic walking guidebooks with Blue Badge tour guide Richard Jones.

​Now living in Coventry, he is the author of three books on local true crime cases: The Watchmaker's Revenge; The Case of the Painted Bicycle Lamp, and The Black Kalendar of Coventry, a chronological collection of murder cases and other dark deeds from the annals of Coventry's history.

​Adam is Executive Editor of Ripperologist magazine, the leading publication dedicated to the serious study of the Whitechapel murders and their place in social history. From 2017 to 2021 he was Editor of the Journal of the Police History Society.

​He has spoken at numerous true crime and police history podcasts and conferences, and reguarly acts as a consultant for documentary, film and radio producers.

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