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The following disclaimer applies to all walking tours led by Adam Wood, and should be read in advance of attendance.

While every effort is made to ensure the safety of guests on each tour, and precautions are taken to conduct the walk in a suitable, hazard-free environment, Adam has no control over the weather, any of the guests or accompanying animals. He therefore cannot accept responsibility for any circumstances affecting the health and safety of the walkers in the party.


Guests should take care to wear appropriate, comfortable clothing and footwear, and to bring their own supply of water. Keep a close watch on personal belongings, and keep valuables secure and out of sight at all times. Adam accepts no responsbility for loss of personal items during the tour, including travel to and from the event.

If at all possible, please visit a toilet before joining the tour to avoid disruption to the tour.w

Once the tour has started, guests should follow the advice given by Adam to minimise any risk to themselves and others in the group.

By attending the walking tour it is assumed that guests have read and agree with this disclaimer.

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